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Are you struggling to raise funds for your nonprofit organization? Look no further than BWF Consulting. Established in 1983, BWF Consulting has over 35 years of experience providing fundraising consulting services to nonprofits across the United States.

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, BWF Consulting has worked with over 2,000 clients and helped them raise millions of dollars through their innovative strategies and personalized approach.

At BWF Consulting, they understand that every nonprofit requires tailored solutions to achieve their fundraising goals. Their team of experts works closely with each client to develop customized plans that align with their mission and values, utilizing the latest technology. Additionally, they offer guidance on planning and can be found on LinkedIn.

Through their comprehensive services, which include major gift programs, annual giving campaigns, planned giving programs, and more, BWF Consulting helps organizations build lasting relationships with donors and achieve long-term success.

Partnering with BWF Consulting means gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the fundraising industry. With their proven track record of success and commitment to excellence, you can trust that your organization’s fundraising efforts are in good hands.

Don’t let limited resources hold back your nonprofit’s potential. Contact BWF Consulting today and take the first step towards achieving your fundraising goals.

Overview of BWF’s Social Media Presence on Twitter and Instagram

Active on Twitter since 2012 and Instagram since 2018

BWF Consulting has been active on Twitter since 2012, providing regular updates to its followers. Their tweets cover a range of topics such as industry news, company updates, and client success stories. They also use their account to share insights into the latest trends in business consulting.

In addition to Twitter, BWF Consulting has been active on Instagram since 2018. They use this platform to showcase their work visually, sharing photos of their team members and events they attend or host. Their posts are often accompanied by captions that provide context for the images.

Shares industry news, company updates, and client success stories

One of the main ways BWF Consulting engages with its followers is by sharing relevant industry news. This helps position them as thought leaders in the business consulting space while also keeping their audience informed about the latest developments in the field.

BWF Consulting uses social media to share updates about their own company. This includes announcements about new hires or promotions within the organization as well as information about upcoming events or speaking engagements.

Finally, BWF Consulting highlights client success stories through social media. By showcasing how they have helped other businesses achieve their goals, they provide tangible examples of what they can do for potential clients.

Engages with followers through Q&A sessions and live chats

BWF Consulting understands that social media is a two-way street and actively engages with its followers through Q&A sessions and live chats. These interactions allow them to answer questions from potential clients while also building relationships with existing ones.

By engaging with its audience in this way, BWF Consulting demonstrates that it values feedback from its community while also positioning itself as an approachable organization that is easy to work with.

Has over 5,000 followers on Twitter and over 500 followers on Instagram

BWF Consulting’s social media presence has grown steadily over the years. They currently have over 5,000 followers on Twitter and over 500 followers on Instagram.

This growth can be attributed to their consistent posting schedule, engaging content, and willingness to interact with their audience. By providing valuable insights into the world of business consulting while also highlighting their own successes, BWF Consulting has built a loyal following that is eager to engage with them online.


While BWF Consulting is active on both Twitter and Instagram, they also have a strong presence on LinkedIn. This platform allows them to connect with other professionals in the business consulting space while also sharing updates about their own company.

On LinkedIn, BWF Consulting shares articles written by its team members as well as updates about recent projects they have completed. They also use this platform to highlight job openings within the organization.

Benefits of Working at BWF

Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans

One of the most significant benefits of working at BWF Consulting is the comprehensive health insurance plans that they offer to their employees. The company provides a range of medical, dental, and vision coverage options to choose from, ensuring that all employees have access to top-quality healthcare services.

BWF’s health insurance plans are designed to be affordable and flexible, allowing employees to select the coverage that best suits their needs. They also provide wellness programs and resources to help employees maintain good health and prevent illnesses.

Generous Paid Time Off Policies

Another great benefit of working at BWF is their generous paid time off policies. The company understands the importance of work-life balance and encourages its employees to take time off when needed.

BWF offers a variety of leave options, including vacation days, sick days, personal days, and holidays. Employees can use their leave for any reason they choose, whether it’s for travel, family commitments, or just taking a break from work.

Opportunities for Professional Development

At BWF Consulting, there are ample opportunities for professional development. The company invests in its employees’ growth by providing training programs, workshops and mentorship opportunities.

Employees can attend conferences and seminars related to their field of expertise or participate in online courses offered by leading universities. This ensures that they stay up-to-date with industry trends and developments while enhancing their skills.

Competitive Salaries

Finally, BWF Consulting offers competitive salaries to its employees. The company values its staff members’ contributions and recognizes them through regular performance evaluations and salary reviews.

The compensation packages at BWF also include bonuses and other incentives based on individual or team performance. This motivates employees to perform well while rewarding them for their hard work.

Culture and Values at BWF Consulting

Collaborative Environment

At BWF Consulting, collaboration and teamwork are highly encouraged among employees. The company believes that working together as a team can lead to better results in problem-solving and decision-making processes. By fostering an environment of collaboration, BWF Consulting ensures that every employee has the opportunity to contribute their ideas and expertise towards achieving the company’s goals.

One way that BWF Consulting promotes collaboration is through regular team meetings. These meetings provide employees with the chance to share their progress on ongoing projects, discuss any challenges they may be facing, and brainstorm potential solutions together. The company uses various communication tools such as Slack and Zoom to facilitate open communication between team members regardless of location or time zone.

Emphasis on Integrity, Respect, and Accountability

Integrity, respect, and accountability are core values at BWF Consulting. The company takes pride in conducting its business with honesty and transparency while treating all stakeholders with respect. Employees are expected to uphold these values in all their interactions with clients, colleagues, partners, and other stakeholders.

To ensure accountability among its employees, BWF Consulting sets clear expectations for performance standards from day one. This includes providing new hires with detailed job descriptions outlining their roles and responsibilities within the organization. Regular performance reviews are conducted to assess progress towards meeting these expectations while also identifying areas for improvement.

Encouraging Innovation

BWF Consulting places a high value on innovation. The company encourages its employees to think outside the box when developing solutions while also keeping an eye out for emerging trends in their respective fields.

To foster innovation among its workforce, BWF Consulting provides access to various training programs designed to enhance skills such as critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving abilities etc. Employees are also given opportunities to attend industry conferences where they can network with other professionals while learning about new technologies or methodologies relevant to their work.

BWF’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Creating a Diverse Workforce

BWF Consulting is a company that believes in creating a diverse workforce that reflects the communities it serves. The company has made it a priority to recruit employees from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. This approach helps the company to understand its clients better and provide them with customized solutions.

BWF Consulting understands that diversity brings different perspectives and ideas to the table, which can lead to innovation and creativity. The company also recognizes that having a diverse workforce can help attract new customers who feel more comfortable doing business with companies that reflect their values.

To achieve this goal, BWF Consulting has implemented several initiatives aimed at increasing diversity within its workforce. These include partnering with organizations focused on underrepresented groups such as women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and veterans. The company also participates in job fairs targeted towards these groups.

Diversity Training for Employees

BWF Consulting provides diversity training for all its employees. This training aims to create awareness of unconscious bias, cultural differences, and promote inclusivity in the workplace. Employees are trained on how to work effectively with colleagues from different backgrounds and how to avoid unintentional microaggressions.

The training also covers topics such as building an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued regardless of their background or identity. By providing this training, BWF Consulting ensures that its employees are equipped with the necessary skills to work effectively in a diverse environment.

Employee Resource Groups

BWF Consulting supports employee resource groups (ERGs) focused on underrepresented communities within the organization. These groups provide a safe space for employees from similar backgrounds or identities to connect, share experiences and support each other.

ERGs are essential in promoting inclusion within an organization by creating awareness of different cultures and identities. They also help identify opportunities for improvement regarding policies or practices affecting underrepresented groups.

Employees who join ERGs benefit from networking opportunities, leadership development, and mentoring. ERGs also help the company to identify and address issues affecting underrepresented groups within the organization.

Employee Testimonials: Why They Love Working at BWF

Supportive Work Environment

One of the things that employees love about working at BWF Consulting is the supportive work environment. The company culture emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, and open communication between colleagues and management. This supportive work environment fosters a sense of community among employees, which helps to cultivate a positive workplace atmosphere.

Moreover, BWF Consulting provides its employees with various resources to help them succeed in their roles. For instance, the company offers training programs and professional development opportunities that enable workers to enhance their skills and advance their careers. BWF Consulting has a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other perks that support employee well-being.

Passionate Colleagues Who Share Their Values

Another reason why employees enjoy working at BWF Consulting is because they get to work with passionate colleagues who share their values. The company’s team members are dedicated to making a difference in the world by providing innovative solutions to complex problems. As such, they are committed to excellence in everything they do.

Furthermore, BWF Consulting’s team members come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique perspectives to the table. This diversity of thought enables employees to learn from one another and collaborate effectively on projects. It also creates an inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels valued and respected.

Opportunities for Growth Within the Organization

Finally, many employees appreciate the opportunities for growth within BWF Consulting itself. The company encourages internal promotions and provides its workers with clear career paths that outline how they can advance through the organization over time.

BWF Consulting also recognizes outstanding performance by offering bonuses or other incentives when appropriate. It encourages its staff members to take on new challenges and responsibilities as they arise so that they can continue learning new skills while contributing meaningfully to the company’s mission.

How BWF Supports Professional Development for its Employees

Ongoing Training Programs Focused on Fundraising Best Practices

At BWF Consulting, employees are encouraged to develop their fundraising skills continually. The company offers ongoing training programs that focus on the latest fundraising best practices. These training programs provide employees with an opportunity to learn new techniques and strategies that can help them improve their performance in the field.

The training sessions cover various topics such as major gifts, annual giving, planned giving, data analytics, and more. The company also provides access to online courses and webinars that employees can take at their convenience. By investing in ongoing training programs, BWF Consulting ensures that its employees stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Encourages Attendance at Industry Conferences

BWF Consulting understands the importance of attending industry conferences as a means of professional development. Attending these events allows employees to network with other professionals in the field, learn about new technologies and trends, and gain insights into best practices.

To support employee attendance at industry conferences, BWF Consulting covers registration fees and travel expenses for those who wish to attend. This investment not only benefits individual employees but also strengthens the company’s overall knowledge base.

Provides Mentorship Opportunities

Mentorship is a crucial element of professional development at BWF Consulting. The company believes that mentorship helps employees grow both personally and professionally by providing guidance from experienced professionals.

BWF Consulting offers several mentorship opportunities for its employees. For example, new hires are paired with senior staff members who act as mentors during their first year on the job. The company has a formal mentoring program where employees can apply to be matched with a mentor who shares similar interests or career goals.

By providing mentorship opportunities, BWF Consulting fosters a culture of learning within the organization. It helps ensure that new hires receive proper guidance while also allowing more experienced employees to share their knowledge and expertise.

Community Outreach and Philanthropic Initiatives by BWF Consulting

Partnering with Local Nonprofits for Pro Bono Consulting Services

BWF Consulting is a company that prides itself on its philanthropic initiatives, including partnering with local nonprofits to provide pro bono consulting services. This initiative allows the company to use its expertise in strategic planning and impact assessment to help these organizations achieve their goals.

BWF Consulting has worked with a variety of nonprofits over the years, including those focused on education, healthcare, and social justice. By providing pro bono consulting services, BWF Consulting helps these organizations create sustainable strategic plans that will have a lasting impact on the communities they serve.

Through this partnership, BWF Consulting has been able to make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most. The company’s team of experts works closely with each nonprofit organization to ensure that they are meeting their needs and achieving their goals.

Annual Giving Campaigns Supporting Charitable Organizations

In addition to its pro bono consulting services, BWF Consulting also hosts an annual giving campaign to support charitable organizations. These campaigns allow employees and clients alike to come together and donate money or volunteer their time for a good cause.

The annual giving campaigns are designed to be inclusive, allowing everyone to participate no matter how much or how little they can give. This approach fosters a sense of community among employees and clients while also making a significant impact on the chosen charitable organization.

The campaigns are typically centered around specific causes such as education, healthcare, or social justice. By focusing on one area at a time, BWF Consulting can make a more significant impact in that particular field.

Participating in Volunteer Events Throughout the Year

Finally, BWF Consulting participates in volunteer events throughout the year as part of its commitment to philanthropy. These events range from food drives and clothing donations to building homes for those in need.

Volunteering is an essential part of BWF Consulting’s culture, and the company encourages all employees to participate in these events. By doing so, employees can give back to the community while also building relationships with their colleagues.

Participating in volunteer events is also a great way for BWF Consulting to get involved with local organizations. Through these events, the company can learn more about the needs of the community and how it can help meet those needs through its philanthropic initiatives.

Success Stories: Examples of BWF’s Impactful Fundraising Campaigns

$1 Billion Raised in a Single Campaign for a University

BWF Consulting has an impressive record of helping universities raise funds for various initiatives. One of the most noteworthy examples is their work with a university that raised $1 billion in a single campaign.

The university had ambitious goals, including funding new research programs, building state-of-the-art facilities, and providing scholarships to deserving students. With BWF’s help, they were able to achieve their fundraising targets and make significant progress towards realizing these goals.

BWF’s approach involved developing a comprehensive fundraising strategy that included identifying potential donors, crafting compelling messages that resonated with them, and leveraging various communication channels to reach out to them. They also provided guidance on donor stewardship and engagement, ensuring that donors felt valued and appreciated throughout the campaign.

Through their efforts, BWF helped the university build lasting relationships with its donors and establish itself as a leader in higher education philanthropy.

Over $100 Million Raised for Cancer Research by Healthcare Organization

Another success story from BWF Consulting involves their work with a healthcare organization focused on cancer research. The organization was looking to raise funds to support groundbreaking research initiatives aimed at finding new treatments and cures for cancer.

With BWF’s guidance, the organization was able to raise over $100 million in donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. This funding enabled them to accelerate their research efforts and make significant strides towards achieving their mission of eradicating cancer.

BWF’s approach involved conducting extensive research into potential donors and developing personalized outreach strategies tailored to each donor’s interests and motivations. They also provided support with event planning and execution, helping the organization host successful fundraisers that generated significant donations.

By working closely with the healthcare organization’s leadership team and staff members, BWF was able to create a culture of philanthropy that extended beyond just fundraising campaigns. This helped the organization build a strong foundation for ongoing donor engagement and support.

50% Increase in Annual Giving for Arts Nonprofit

BWF Consulting has also helped arts nonprofits achieve significant fundraising success. One notable example is their work with an organization that was looking to increase its annual giving by 50%.

Through a combination of targeted outreach, personalized messaging, and strategic planning, BWF was able to help the nonprofit exceed its fundraising goals. Donors responded positively to the organization’s renewed focus on donor stewardship and engagement, and many increased their giving levels as a result.

BWF’s approach involved conducting extensive research into the nonprofit’s existing donor base and identifying opportunities for growth. They also developed compelling messaging that highlighted the organization’s impact on the community and communicated its vision for the future.

By partnering with BWF, the arts nonprofit was able to establish itself as a leader in philanthropy and build lasting relationships with its donors. This enabled them to continue making a positive impact on the community through their artistic programs and initiatives.

Client Testimonials: Why Organizations Choose BWF as Their Fundraising Partner

Personalized Approach to Fundraising Strategy Development

One of the reasons why organizations choose BWF Consulting as their fundraising partner is because they appreciate the personalized approach that the firm takes when developing fundraising strategies. BWF recognizes that each organization has unique needs and goals, and therefore tailors its approach to meet those specific requirements.

BWF’s consultants work closely with clients to understand their mission, values, and objectives. They take into account factors such as donor demographics, giving history, and communication preferences to develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy that aligns with the client’s goals. This customized approach ensures that clients receive a tailored solution that meets their specific needs.

For example, one nonprofit organization was struggling to attract new donors despite having a loyal base of existing supporters. After working with BWF Consulting, the organization received a personalized fundraising strategy that included targeted messaging and outreach efforts aimed at attracting new donors. As a result, the organization saw an increase in both donor engagement and donations.

Expertise and Experience of BWF’s Consultants

Another reason why organizations choose BWF Consulting is because they value the expertise and experience of its consultants. The firm employs highly skilled professionals who have extensive experience in all aspects of fundraising – from major gifts to planned giving.

BWF’s consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project they work on. They stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices so that they can provide clients with innovative solutions that drive results. Many of BWF’s consultants have previous experience working for nonprofit organizations themselves – giving them valuable insight into the challenges faced by nonprofits.

For instance, one client worked with a consultant who had previously served as a development director for a large nonprofit organization. This consultant was able to provide invaluable guidance based on her firsthand experience navigating complex fundraising challenges – ultimately leading to significant increases in donations.

Significant Increases in Donations and Donor Engagement

Finally, many organizations choose BWF Consulting as their fundraising partner because they have seen significant increases in donations and donor engagement after working with the firm. BWF has a proven track record of success – helping clients achieve their fundraising goals through innovative strategies and targeted outreach efforts.

For example, one client had been struggling to meet its annual fundraising goals for several years. After working with BWF Consulting, the organization received a comprehensive fundraising strategy that included targeted messaging, digital outreach efforts, and personalized stewardship tactics. As a result of these efforts, the organization exceeded its annual fundraising goal by 20%.

Another client had been experiencing declining donor engagement over several years. After working with BWF Consulting to develop a comprehensive donor engagement strategy that included personalized communication plans and targeted outreach efforts, the organization saw a 30% increase in both donor retention rates and donations.

The Importance of Choosing a Trustworthy Fundraising Firm Like BWF Consulting

Choosing the right firm is crucial. BWF Consulting has established itself as a trustworthy and reliable partner in helping organizations achieve their fundraising goals. Here are some key points that highlight the importance of choosing a firm like BWF:

  • Proven Success: BWF has an impressive track record of success, with numerous impactful fundraising campaigns under its belt. This success is a testament to the expertise and dedication of its team.
  • Expertise and Experience: The team at BWF is made up of experienced professionals who have worked with a wide range of organizations across various industries. Their expertise allows them to tailor their approach to meet the unique needs and goals of each client.
  • Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: BWF values diversity and inclusion in its workplace, which translates into better outcomes for clients. By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, BWF is able to provide innovative solutions that drive results.
  • Culture of Collaboration: At BWF, collaboration is at the heart of everything they do. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and develop customized strategies that align with their goals.
  • Community Outreach: Giving back to the community is an important part of BWF’s mission. Through various philanthropic initiatives, they demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact beyond just their clients.

Overall, partnering with a firm like BWF can make all the difference in achieving your fundraising goals.


How does working with BWF differ from other fundraising firms?

BWF sets itself apart by prioritizing collaboration and tailoring its approach to meet each client’s unique needs. Its commitment to diversity and inclusion also ensures that all voices are heard and valued throughout the process.

What types of organizations does BWF work with?

BWF has experience working with a wide range of organizations, from educational institutions to healthcare providers to non-profit organizations. Regardless of the industry, BWF is dedicated to helping its clients achieve their fundraising goals.

How does BWF support professional development for its employees?

BWF offers a variety of training and development opportunities for its employees, including mentorship programs and regular performance feedback. By investing in its team members, BWF ensures that it has the best talent available to serve its clients.

What sets BWF apart from other consulting firms in terms of community outreach?

BWF’s commitment to giving back goes beyond just financial contributions. Its team members are actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives and volunteer work throughout their communities.

Can you provide examples of successful fundraising campaigns that BWF has led?

BWF has had numerous successful campaigns over the years, including raising over $1 billion for Duke University and leading a $500 million campaign for Children’s Hospital Colorado. These successes are a testament to the expertise and dedication of the BWF team.

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